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Rose de La Montaña is a fingerstyle guitarist with a love for solo Latin American guitar music, where classical and contemporary popular guitar styles meet. Rose’s devotion to the guitar started from a young age and has continued into tertiary level, spanning various guitar teachers and music mentors from Australia to Latin America.

Find her every third Sunday of the month at Open Studio Bar for her monthly residency 

Guitar Kingdom

Rose de La Montaña is based in Melbourne, Australia.



Sun February 16/ Guitar Kingdom at Open Studio [5.30pm-7.30pm]

with Daniel Nistico 

Event link here

Hark! For many more rounds of the beloved ***GUITAR KINGDOM***  will befall the temple of sound OPEN STUDIO in 2020 !!!!

Sunday February 16, 2020 will see people dancing in the aisles of Open Studio to the gentle shredding of guitar freak Daniel Nistico and the ever present resident Rose de La Montaña ~

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