rose de la montaña 


 Rose de La Montaña is a fingerstyle guitarist with a love for solo Latin American guitar  music, where classical and contemporary popular guitar styles meet. Rose’s devotion to  the guitar started from a young age and has continued into tertiary level, spanning  various guitar teachers and music mentors from Australia to Latin America.

 Find Rose at her favourite gig in Melbourne town: her residency at Open Studio Bar called
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 Rose is based in Melbourne, Australia.  Find her on social media or contact here for gig bookings
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featuring guitar duo Paul Carey and Julian Scheffer, and special guest Adam May
4pm - 6pm at Open Studio (Northcote)

On the occasional Saturday, cult guitarists of Melbourne descend on Open Studio for some gentle shredding on the fine string-box. August 21 features the beautiful sounds of the Brazilian guitar world, with wonderful guitar duo Paul Carey and Julian Scheffer, as well as special guest Dr Adam May alongside ever-present resident Rose de La Montaña . In other words...A MEGA GIG!!

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