Decembers's Guitar Kingdom

Featuring local guitar gem Richard Tedesco. Saturday December 17 from 5.30pm at the temple of sound, Open Studio (Northcote)

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GUITAR KINGDOM....Where cult guitarists of Melbourne descend on Open Studio for some gentle shredding on the fine stringbox...
Image: Guitar Kingdom 2019
inaugural poster

Image: Guitar Kingdom 2020.  


From late March onwards, gigs at Northcote's Open Studio were postponed due to the pandemic.

Image: Guitar Kingdom 2021. Accompanying video below.




Past projects:


Hermeto Magnético (debut 2018) 

This group was dedicated to uncovering the music of the legendary Brazilian improviser and virtuoso Hermeto Pascoal. Listen to them here.

D E B R I S (2018-2019) by Awareaway

A cross-disciplinary production by Awareaway which combined live music with visual arts and documentary on plastic waste to spread an urgent message of environmental awareness.