h o u s e   c o n c e r t s

I'm now accepting house concert performance bookings as a soloist! Have me over for an hour of solo classical guitar music, with repertoire that spans Australia to Latin America.

info for hosts

As a host, all you need is a space (ie: your living room, your backyard, even your garage) and friends you have personally invited. The upfront cost for you is however much you decide to spend on food and drinks, and you can keep our event as simple or with as many frills as you like. 


If you don't have a space on hand, alternative spaces such as the community room  of your apartment complex, a studio, gallery, or church spaces are also acceptable! Basically any space with four walls, and where the audience can be seated comfortably and with a view of me. Note that a house concert isn't where I am providing background music, but where the event is live music for you and your audience in an intimate setting.

Audience numbers need to be minimum 20 people who have confirmed they will be there. If you are unable to ensure minimum 20 people in attendance, you can pair up with a co-host and that way bring more people along.


We can confirm a date for the concert after you can confirm with me that you are committed to ensure minimum 20 people in attendance to our event.

Get in touch with me, and we can get talking about our event!  

I can also be booked on Parlour Gigs at parlourgigs.com/artist/montaarose/


further info 

House concerts are geared towards an attentive audience, and as such they're not ideal for small children as audience members, who require time and attention. An option for hosts/guests with small children is to hire a baby sitter who can take the kids to a separate space for the duration of the concert. Pre and post concert of course, they are welcome to mingle with the adults.

House concerts are also donation based. If you're a host that wants to pay a guarantee for my performance instead of having it donation based, that also works and you can contact me for fee details. 

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