by Colourful Collective 

In 2018 I form part of Colourful Collective to put forward DEBRIS, a cross-disciplinary art project that combines live music, film, visual arts and poetry to highlight the destructive trail of plastic waste that we humans are leaving behind on Mother Nature.


The dress and headpiece I'm wearing in this video was hand-made by the founders of Colourful Collective, Sophie and Alex, and this costume is made entirely out of recycled plastic. Single-use plastic is choking our oceans and wildlife and should be altogether banned. It's possible for us to tackle our plastic waste and transform it into objects or utilities that aid us.


Through DEBRIS we hope to raise environmental consciousness and responsibility through art, and emphasise our role and impact as consumers.



Colourful Collective is a social and environmental enterprise based in Melbourne, Australia. Dedicated to innovative design, we repurpose and up-cycle post-consumer waste to create high-quality bespoke products.


See: www.facebook.com/colourfulcollective/


Video by Martin Bennet.

Filmed at St Kilda Beach, Melbourne.

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