I was inspired by the view of the Andes and my love for the guitar, where I follow in the footsteps of guitarists and their music to use the name Rose de La Montaña (Rose from The Mountain). 

I'm a finger-style guitarist with a love for solo Latin American guitar music, where classical and popular guitar styles meet. I'm also a song-writer and arranger, and sometimes I sing too.

Aside from being a soloist, I founded the octet Hermeto Magnético in 2018, and act as their bandleader, music director and manager. We uncover the music of the legendary Brazilian improviser and virtuoso Hermeto Pascoal. 


I also occasionally bounce around other project, such as D E B R I S (2018-2019) which is cross-disciplinary production by Colourful Collective, a cross-disciplinary art collective who combine live music with visual arts to spread an urgent message of environmental awareness.

I live in Melbourne, Australia. I also give private guitar lessons, check it out here.

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