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A  finger-style guitarist with a love for Latin American guitar music, Rose’s devotion to the guitar started from a young age and has continued into tertiary level, spanning various guitar teachers and music mentors from Australia to Latin America. As a soloist, Rose’s repertoire features works for finger-style guitar and is particularly is drawn to the Latin American repertoire as it transcends borders and uniquely blends popular, classical and world influences.


In 2019 Rose began her Guitar Kingdom residency at Open Studio Bar "where cult guitarists descend for some gentle shredding on the fine stringbox”. Guitar Kingdom is about bringing the concert experience to a bar, heralding the intimacy and popular roots of the guitar's nomadic history. A regular gig in Melbourne's music scene, Guitar Kingdom features collaborations, banter, a listening audience to name a few. 

Rose completed her Masters in Music Performance in 2018 under the guidance of Dr Ken Murray (Head of Guitar, Melbourne Conservatorium of Music).  Rose is based in Melbourne, Australia.




Past projects:


Hermeto Magnético (debut 2018) 

This group was dedicated to uncovering the music of the legendary Brazilian improviser and virtuoso Hermeto Pascoal. Listen to them here.

D E B R I S (2018-2019) by Awareaway

A cross-disciplinary production by Awareaway which combined live music with visual arts and documentary on plastic waste to spread an urgent message of environmental awareness.

D E B R I S by Awareaway, 2018 
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